The LG Dishwasher from HELL


Looks very pretty, but do not be fooled by this cursed piece of modern Korean Goldstar technology!




I then began to suspect the main pc board. Got a quote from LG which was the best part of 2 grand. Told them to keep it - you can buy a brand new  no-name-brand El'cheapo for that price! I took out the pc board and knew strait away something had gone. At the back the plastic had got so hot that it had mostly melted clean through!



















The circuit board is a sealed unit. I spent an hour with a knife going round the edges to loosen all the silicon/ glue gundge they used - supposedly to keep the components free of moisture and elements I suppose. Got it out, turned it over, main Relay contacts on circuit board pitch black. Clearly a dry joint or badly soldered joints. Guess what the relay does - operates, amongst other things, water inlet valve. Put new legs onto relay (extending it slightly off the board) and nice big blobs of solder. The tracks on the circuit are nice and big so there is plenty of space to work with. Glued the whole thing up again - bobs your uncle.

Worked fine for a year, them my problems started again. I must have got all the errors below at one point or another. But mostly the thermal and heater errors.

Got away with it for a good 6 months by giving the lid a good thump (X marks the spot, right above the pcb). Machine would start blinking errors at any given time at random. A good smack and press play/pause/continue button would sort it out for a while.

Dishwasher Error Codes and explanations.

And so it went on, - a good bash every couple of minutes as i'll be damned if i'm doing dishes by hand! But eventually I began to doubt my own handiwork, not to mention how pissed off by the Bling, Bling, Bling, Bling every few minutes, so one public holiday I decided to haul the board out once again to check.

Well well well.........

Guess what wires they are? The power rail been fed too the fixed up relay. Other side of the board was burned to next week around the contacts. Bad soldering once again hence heat build-up! This time I resoldered ALL the joints in the area with great big blobs of solder.

Put the whole thing back together again, and so far so good.


And Later I came across this: From a 2006 OZ notice: notice.pdf

Whahahahahaha I got so screwed! Mine is a 2003 model too. Only a " REMOTE POSSIBILITY  THE SOLDER JOINTS COULD OVERHEAT!!!!"  Yah Right! What's the bet I got the self same circuit board in my machine?

But hey, this is Africa - they don't recall appliances 4 years out of warranty to replace parts in this joint! Only motor vehicles if you're lucky. If your dishwasher burns your house down - your tuff luck mate. With everything burned to a crisp there's little chance of proving it. At best you'll be told it was an electrical fault that started in the kitchen. Great - take your pick of about 50 appliances!

I tried to find out the model numbers but it seems LG are not keen to divulge these details. This is the copy of my email and the response I got, totally avoiding the question. EMAIL.pdf.  I subsequently wrote two replies with still no response. 1  2

The replacement No's for the OZ machine's are: 6871ECxxxA/B/C/D (depends on metallic colour, half load option , etc) so will look something like 6871EC1025D. I bet the original offending part looked something like 6870ECxxxA/B/C/D

Mine was 6870EC9033A.


Another Headache are these little bastard plastic nuts.

As you can see I keep quite a stock of them - they last me about 3 months average. When the top rotor lands up amongst the cups and glasses in the top rack, I know it's time to replace.


But here's a trick. Put a cable tie around the claws - not too tight - it lasts a lot longer. But then it never falls off. You have to give it a flick every couple of months to make sure it still swings freely. Otherwise it's probably just sitting up there not turning at all.





Any Comments or suggestions feel free to mail me.


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This machine was supposed to help me out, make life easier for me. But instead it became the curse of my life!

Just after a year it starting giving me a hard time, Flashing FE and IE error codes. Irregular, but normally at the beginning of the cycle, as it tries to pump water in.

LG, it seems to me, don't warranty their machines in this place -you have to have your little till slip from the department store, which was long lost, LG isn't interested otherwise.

I duly stripped the machine and found nothing wrong with the water inlet and associated pumps.

I even changed the inlet valve just incase, with a generic job. DO NOT DO THIS! I suspect there is some kind of pressure limiter in the LG device as I had blown all the hoses within 2 weeks. I quickly put old part back.

The last hose that burst i was not in time for and there was water everywhere! I had much to say - even the dog covered it's ears! Jeremy Fisher would have been ecstatic!

I replaced all the hoses with reinforced heater hose from the motor spares shop round the corner, and sleep better for it as I think those original hoses suck.